NOTICE This Notice shall be construed as being a part of the Terms and Conditions

When using THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s services you are agreeing on behalf of yourself that these Terms and Conditions shall apply. You are defined as the “Shipper”. When using THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s services as “Shipper” are further agreeing on behalf of the Consignee of the Shipment (“Consignee”) and on behalf of anyone else with an interest in the Shipment that the Terms and Conditions shall apply.

Other Definitions:

“Shipment” means all parcels or packages that travel under one waybill and are carried by THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE via its FRONTDOOR PARTNERS.

“Waybill” means any Shipment identifier or document produced by THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE or the Shipper’s automated systems, such as a label, barcode, waybill or consignment note as well as any electronic version thereof.

1. Deliveries and Undeliverables

The Shipment or Shipments shall be delivered by THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE to the address given by the Shipper. The Shipment(s) will be left in a secure location at the address of the Consignee. Shipment(s) cannot be delivered to PO Boxes or inside mailboxes. Shipment(s) to addresses with a central receiving area will be delivered to the central receiving area. Unless instructed otherwise by the Shipper, THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE will not ring the doorbell at a residence.

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE shall notify Consignee of an upcoming delivery or a missed delivery. In the case of a missed delivery, the Shipper may include certain redelivery options; however, in most cases the Consignee will be offered Delivery on another day.

If the Shipment is undeliverable, or Consignee cannot be reasonably identified or located, THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE shall use reasonable efforts to return the Shipment to Shipper at Shipper’s cost. Shipper may instruct THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE to dispose of a Shipment and, if THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE follows such instructions, THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE will not incur liability to the Shipper. Shipper may instruct THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE to sell the Shipment at any reasonable price and the proceeds of such sales shall be applied to Shippers charges, minus reasonable administrative costs.

2. Inspection

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE has the right to open and inspect Shipment(s) without notice to the Shipper for safety, security, or other valid regulatory reasons.

3. Shipment Charges and Fees

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s charges per package, invoicing protocols and payment terms are as set forth in a PRICING ATTACHMENT in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A or at the published rates on its website.


THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s limits of liability for each Shipment is $XX per Waybill.

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s liability is limited to direct loss and damage to a Shipment only. All other types of loss or damage are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest, future business), whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s attention.

5. Time Limits for Claims

All claims must be submitted in writing to THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE within thirty (30) business days from the date that THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE accepted the Shipment, failing which THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE shall have no liability whatsoever. Claims are limited to one claim per Shipment, settlement of which will be full and final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith.

6. Shipment Insurance

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE may be able to arrange insurance covering the value in respect of loss of or damage to the Shipment, provided that the Shipper so instructs THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE in writing, including by completing the insurance section on the front of the waybill or by THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s automated systems and pays the applicable premium. Shipment insurance does not cover indirect loss or damage, or loss or damage caused by delays.

7. Circumstances Beyond THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s Control

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE’s control. These include, but are not limited to, any defect or characteristic related to the nature of the Shipment; any act or omission by a Consignee, or any act of god, such as an earthquake, tornado, storm, flood, fog, war, embargo, riot, civil commotion, pandemic or epidemic, or labor actions.

8. Shipper’s Warranties and Indemnities

Shipper shall indemnify and hold THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE harmless for any loss or damage arising out of Shipper’s failure to comply with the following warranties and representations:
all information provided by Shipper or its representatives is complete and accurate;
the Shipment was prepared in secure premises by reliable persons and was protected against unauthorized interference during preparation, storage and any transportation to THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE;

Shipper has complied with all country of origin, data protection laws, sanctions, embargos and other laws and regulations;

Shipper has obtained all necessary consents to provide THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE with personal data, including Consignee’s data as may be required for transport and delivery such as e-mail address and mobile phone number.

THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE has the right to appoint third parties to process the personal data provided by the Shipper.

9. Routing

Shipper agrees to all routing provided by THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE, including the possibility that the Shipment may be carried to intermediate stopping places before final delivery.

10. Governing Law

Any dispute arising under or in any way connected with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the laws of Delaware. In the event of any dispute arises between the Shipper and THE FRONTDOOR COLLECTIVE, the parties may agree to utilize a mediator experienced in the field of commercial disputes to assist with the resolution of such dispute(s). Such sixty (60) day period may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties. The parties will share equally the cost of any mediator and such proceedings, but both parties will be responsible for their own travel, employee, and legal costs.

11. Severability

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect any other part of this Terms and Conditions.

Last Amended January 2022


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